This is a small painting of me.  I mean, this section, too, but the whole blog.  I’m using it for analyses, note-keeping, poetry production, and other forms of poiesis.  The main point of the blog is to practice and demonstrate my various e-literacies, but because I include so much that is creative, I thought I ought to share my poetry philosophy:

I write poetry because, for some reason, it is the way I connect with the world.  Whether by documenting thoughts, voicing memory, or exploring a concept through a creative medium, what I write in a poetic form is meant to reproduce itself.  With poetry, I’m not trying to dictate a concrete narration that means different things, but I hope to concretize the way that a piece of writing (or reading) is a single point of convergence for many different strings.  In this way, I approach the genre of poetry as a tuning fork to strike below the surface and discover meaning.


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