On the day I awoke in the field of the cosmos, I was content.

Affirmed by nothing but the sun and my existence, I was free beneath the spread petals.
In the wilderness, I was the only civility; but incivility was all I felt
Reflected in the surface of the lake, beside the sun.
I was a coiled wire undone, to stretch and connect with every beginning and end,
freed by my own being; seeing myself as one without essence
but emanating radiance in continuum.

I was the palindromic sign that returned in recursion: the interweaved cursive dispersing within.
Drawn beneath my skin to the depth of my soul: an internal explosion creating my whole

And with closed eyes and softened heart, I knew all that I was, all that I wanted to be, and I was

It was in that moment I realized, in the middle of perfect peace, I was totally alone in my joy.


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